Brighter B2B Launches in London

Brings Flexibility of the Sharing Economy to B2B Marketing

  • Concerns around narrow margins and revenue attribution are raising a need for more flexible marketing solutions for B2B organisations

  • Founder Rebecca Nixon specialises in high-tech industries, including maritime, data management, retail and travel technologies

The sharing economy has brought speed and convenience to B2C markets in the form of Uber, TaskRabbit, and Airbnb; but now B2B organisations can enjoy the same economies of scale in their marketing operations - all without sacrificing on quality.

Brighter B2B are experts in commercial marketing strategies for SMBs, specialising in the maritime industry, as well as recruitment, telecommunications, travel technology, data aggregation/distribution, and retail technology.

Most B2B organisations are SMBs who can greatly benefit from flexible, results-driven services where they only pay for what they use. No longer relegated to unskilled “gig economy” work, the sharing economy now includes a high quality and commercially-driven marketing strategy, tailored to your needs, delivered as-and-when it’s needed.

Rebecca Nixon, founder of Brighter B2B, says: “I use Uber to get around, I use Airbnb to book accommodation, and now I’m offering the same benefits I enjoy on a personal level to my clients in the B2B marketing space.”

Marketing channels employed by Brighter B2B include web and graphic design, collateral production, SEO, print, PPC and display advertising, events management, PR, CRM and account-based marketing, video production, email and content marketing, online networking and social media, editorial, merchandising, lead generation, attribution modelling, project management, integration and automation, and even full rebranding.

But Rebecca insists it’s important to focus on strategy first, channels second. “Whatever marketing channels you’re interested in, we have the talent you need to get out there. There’s no channel out of your reach when you’re with Brighter B2B. But far more importantly, the foundation of all these communications must be a commercially-driven marketing strategy. For example: it’s not enough to say, ‘we need to be on social media.’ Anyone can be on social media, even my grandmother is! You need a marketing strategy aligned to your commercial goals, and part of that will include precisely how you will go about leveraging social media - or any given marketing channel - to ensure it’s driving measurable, bottom-line success.”

Brighter B2B leverages over a decade of specialised marketing experience with a network of suppliers; providing a sophisticated suite of services to a clientele who need quality service at the right price, in a timely fashion, aligned to flexible demands.

For more information, visit or call +44 203 929 2050.


About Brighter B2B

Brighter B2B is a London-based marketing agency specialising in commercial marketing strategies for SMBs. With experts in the maritime industry, as well as recruitment, telecommunications, travel technology, data aggregation/distribution, and retail technology, they are fully-equipped to serve a range of clients with flexible solutions that produce measurable results, across a multitude of both traditional and digital marketing channels.

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B2B: Business-to-Business

B2C: Business-to-Consumer

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

PPC: Pay-Per-Click

PR: Public Relations

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

SMB: Small and Medium-sized Business

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